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Orchard is a fellowship program that connects designers to great startups

Our mission is to expand access to in-demand job opportunities & mentorship for creative problem solvers. To get started, we’re launching an 8 week fellowship program for digital product designers. For free.

About the fellowship

  • 8 week duration
  • Fully remote
  • Minimum of 4 one-on-one mentor sessions per fellow
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Private chat group for mentors & fellows
  • Dedicated talent manager for job referrals

Application process

We want to find the best designers, regardless of their background. To support that, we've created a process that's designed to highlight demonstrated skills and thinking — not credentials.

  • 1 Receive a take-home exercise for a problem scenario.
  • 2 You'll have 2 weeks to finish & a flexible start date.
  • 3 A double-blind review of each exercise is conducted by mentors.
  • 4 All applicants will get feedback & can resubmit with revisions.
  • 5 Reviewer picks are invited to an interview.
  • 6 5 fellows will be selected.

Our mentors

Avatar of Alexa Herasimchuk

Alexa Herasimchuk

Senior Product Designer at Zendesk

I lead the design for Zendesk's Billing Team. I also create YouTube videos about Product Design, Careers in Tech, and Life.

Avatar of Anthony Quiatchon

Anthony Quiatchon

Product Design Lead at Yelp

I'm currently working on Design Systems & Visual Design at Yelp. Prior to that I was at Frog & Zendrive.

Avatar of Chelsea Otakan

Chelsea Otakan

Product Design Manager at Stripe

I’m a product designer and front-end developer living and working in San Francisco. I love design systems, writing code, red pandas, karaoke, purple, and learning new things.

Avatar of Sara Menefee

Sara Menefee

Principal Designer at Sora

I'm a Product Designer at Sora. Previously I was at Checkr,, and Zendesk.

Avatar of Conway Anderson

Conway Anderson

Founder of Orchard

I'm a Product Designer and Startup Advisor. I got my start early on at, led design and product direction at, recently consulted at Uber, and now help startups build design teams.